Web Design

I "built" my first sites in the 90s by copying and pasting HTML from other sites. Over the years I've experimented with a wide variety of site builders and frameworks with varying levels of skepticism and frustration.


After seeing what Wix was capable of during my time working in their Midtown Manhattan-based co-working space, I've happily settled on the highly-capable browser-based editor and have been an outspoken "ambassador" and have taught my college and high school classes to use it in order to quickly build dynamic sites for free



Logo design has to be my favorite design challenge since it requires fitting a company's entire identity into a very simple, compact form.


I started my processional animation career in 7th grade by selling DIY flip-books made from sticky pads to fellow students for $1 each. Later my brother and I got ahold of our dad's Sony Hi-8 Handycam™ and started making stop motion animations with action figures, clay, Legos, and whatever props we could find.

Eventually, my passion for video went digital and eventually had my animation work broadcast on Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba featuring the music of the Decemberists.