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  • Jonathan Earley

A template for conducting user persona research with an AI

“Empathize” is the earliest stage of the Design Thinking process, which for those unfamiliar, is a non-linear, iterative process by which to create and continually improve upon end products that will likely result in successful adoption by their target audience. In other words, how do you make a product or service in such a way that people will actually appreciate it and not just how the designers or managers predict they will?

There have been many famous instances of corporations losing millions due to new products turning out to be complete flops. For example Google Glass, New Coke, Apple Newton, or Microsoft Vista. In most of these cases, these companies could have avoided financial disaster if they had spent more time in the earlier user research phases. This among other reasons is why professionals in the fields of User Experience and Design Thinking have become hot commodities for most well-informed companies.

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